Clash of Titans

On patrol in moon orbit, the SSN Fer-de-lance-Class Frigate ‘Tartaros’ picked up the long range scan of a signal codenamed ‘Anubis’ and jumped to its location. Upon arrival the Tartaros found two enemy vessels, one disengaging the area at fast pace. The decision was made to engage the fleeing vessel first and thus the Frigate chased and exchanged weaponry salvos with the first vessel. Upon majorly incapacitating the enemy ship, the second, bigger vessel approached the SSN warship in battle and the ships exchanged blows.

Joint strike on GRT Battlegroup

MTK, BAX, and BOI planned a joint strike on a GRT Battlegroup that was reportedly flaunting their strength and terrorizing the Expanse server, provoking fights and daring anyone to attack them.

Statement from Gertronic Council Member Gertron:

The Socialist wing of the Gertronic Consortium was performing legitimate military exercises when they were savagely attacked by a force of superior numbers. Despite fighting bravely, they were unable to overcome the numbers disadvantage and were forced to retreat.

Don’t fall for propaganda from MTK and their band of thugs! They are the ones who terrorize, murder and destroy engineers here in the Expanse. If they are allowed to continue unopposed – no one is safe.

The Consortium has awarded Captain Mexinugget a medal of bravery for managing to escape with his ship still intact. A memorial service will be held for those who were not so fortunate.

GRT Waylays a Radar Ping

I went to investigate a Scanned high mass bogey. It looks like perhaps a raid was going on already. When i approached there was no response to my hail, and then they target rushed me. I attacked, but when I came into the field of fire of both the base and the bogey, I had to retreat for

The “Core” Contact

The SSN Taipan-Class Patrol Vessel ‘Chronos’ picked up a long-range signal labeled ‘Core’ and approached it. Upon arrival the Taipan-Class found a space station with multiple ships docked, aswell as an evenly-matched RHO combat vessel. Upon mutually incapacitating one another, both the RHO vessel aswell as the Chronos disengage the fight and leave the area. While the Chronos lies in docks for repairs, the SSN Gaia Taipan-Class also arrives at the ‘Core’ signal, where she then destroys any of the docked ships left, aswell as the station itself, before too returning back to the SSN Shipyards to restock. It is noted that this was the first actual combat engagement of a Taipan-Class Patrol Vessel. While having received substantial damage to its main forward-facing weaponry, the Chronos remained maneuverable and had the majority of all its systems remain intact to safely return back to the shipyards for repairs.

By Metsys

The Destruction of the Battleship ‘DayBreaker’

Yesterday, forces from the Gertronic Consortium violated the ‘Safe Traders Act’ by engaging and destroying the NNJ Battleship ‘DayBreaker’ that was resupplying at an IDDC Trade outpost.

When asked for comment, the Gertronic Council had this to say in its defense:

The Gertronic Council was conflicted on ordering a preemptive strike near a trader outpost. NNJ Founder DamarGarak was a known Consortium enemy with an active KOS order still hanging over him.

Captain Valykry was not previously known to the Consortium but was a senior officer in the ranks of NNJ.

Consortium scout vessels, investigating anomalies revealed by Expanse long-range sensors, saw that Captain Valkare was nearing completion of a massive battleship. Given DamarGaraks history with The Consortium and given the risk of him accessing that sort of power; a vote to attack was held and passed despite a few dissenting opinions.

The Daybreaker was forced outside the outposts shields and then destroyed by Consortium warships. The IDDC outpost has been compensated for its loss of business.

It should be noted, that even though it was only partially operational, the battleship did critical damage to the attacking ships. An attack frigate was so badly damaged it needed to be scuttled and the command frigate needed almost all of its major systems rebuilt. If that battleship had been allowed to become fully operational it may have been unstoppable by conventional weapons.

We accept the risk of retaliation, it was judged to be better than the alternative.

As a token of good faith, a package of Gertronic Consortium brand Space Weed is being delivered via intermediaries to Captain Valykry free of charge. We realize this is not compensation for a battleship, it is simply a very small olive branch.

The Consortium stands ready to defend against any retaliation.

Captain Valykry, after accepting the package, had this to say:

Know this: there will be retaliation. However I shall enact it solely against the two members whom attacked me and anyone in the future who approaches me with hostility.’

As far as we know, he is still a senior officer of NNJ and the two factions are still hostile to one another.

They’re here….Destruction of the Klondike

War, War never changes…

This was an attack driven by a war between two factions: The All Terra Empire, and the Gertronic Consoritum.

Forces from the Gertronic Consoritum found and completely destroyed a large base-ship being constructed by a member of All Terra on the edges of the Expanse.

The sheer brutality of this attack shook both sides to their core and prompted them to return to the negotiating table.

A week later the war was over; The two sides are now at peace but remain permanently scarred from this conflict.

Meet New Engineers

Sometimes when you are in the void, it can be very lonely. And sometimes destroying blocks can get old (although this is rare.)
But perhaps next engineer you meet in space, just say hello. Maybe trade some minerals and form an alliance! After all its not about the grids…