The WIPE Takes All

Panic and chaos ensued on Sunday when a 90 year old computer virus known as WIPE began to infect jump drives on the expanse, causing all ships to jump within range of each other; plunging the system into combat and violence. The Consortium lost several ships in the ensuing calamity, including one of its flagships – the USS Gramsci Light Cruiser.

The Gramsci was forced to jump within range of the infamous PVP ship known only as “Come Get Some”; in low Earth orbit along with several other smaller ships. The duel lasted long enough to break both ships weapons and a literal melee ensued between the two large vessels.

Eventually both ships were dragged into Earths gravity, scraping and ramming nearly the entire way down.

At about 11km altitude, the PVP ship was able to break free and renter orbit; the Gramsci was not as lucky and begin to fall like a brick to the surface below.

Gramscis Final Resting Place

According to data automatically sent back to Consortium HQ’s by the Gramscis flight recorder, the Gramsci was loaded with 4500 rockets and nearly 9000 rounds of 20mm cannon ammo when it went down. A serious salvage opportunity for any Earthling brave enough to climb into the mountains after the wreck. Who knows what defenses remain online, however.

What Comes Next?

The only workable solution to the WIPE virus is to purge all infected hardware. Expanse governments are said to be working around the clock to achieve this end, with an expected WIPE purge coming near the time of this writing. It is recommended that all inhabitants of the Expanse backup and save their favorite designs before the purge takes place.

Frigate ‘Tartaros’ Black-box Footage

The last footage found in the blackbox of the Fer-de-lance-Class Frigate named ‘Tartaros’ after it engaged one of two long-range scanner signals, codenamed ‘Arachnid’.

The footage clearly shows the Tartaros engaging a large enemy vessel. After largely incapacitating said hostile ship, it was heavily struck by unknown enemy fire in the middle of its main frame structure.

It is unknown what has happened after that point, as blackbox footage ends here.

The Tartaros is officially listed as KIA.

She has been the first of her kind within the Systematic Space Navy and will be succeeded by her sister ship ‘Erebos’.

Clash of Titans

On patrol in moon orbit, the SSN Fer-de-lance-Class Frigate ‘Tartaros’ picked up the long range scan of a signal codenamed ‘Anubis’ and jumped to its location. Upon arrival the Tartaros found two enemy vessels, one disengaging the area at fast pace. The decision was made to engage the fleeing vessel first and thus the Frigate chased and exchanged weaponry salvos with the first vessel. Upon majorly incapacitating the enemy ship, the second, bigger vessel approached the SSN warship in battle and the ships exchanged blows.

Joint strike on GRT Battlegroup

MTK, BAX, and BOI planned a joint strike on a GRT Battlegroup that was reportedly flaunting their strength and terrorizing the Expanse server, provoking fights and daring anyone to attack them.

Statement from Gertronic Council Member Gertron:

The Socialist wing of the Gertronic Consortium was performing legitimate military exercises when they were savagely attacked by a force of superior numbers. Despite fighting bravely, they were unable to overcome the numbers disadvantage and were forced to retreat.

Don’t fall for propaganda from MTK and their band of thugs! They are the ones who terrorize, murder and destroy engineers here in the Expanse. If they are allowed to continue unopposed – no one is safe.

The Consortium has awarded Captain Mexinugget a medal of bravery for managing to escape with his ship still intact. A memorial service will be held for those who were not so fortunate.

The Bullfrog Catches Some Flies

Responding to an allied SOS, A Gertronic Consortium Bullfrog class light attack frigate was dispatched to Earth. During the descent; an enemy transmission was intercepted with GPS coordinates near the allied base. Upon arrival at the coordinates, a suspected hostile crashed ship was found in a crater and eliminated.

A nearby base; presumed to be property of the attackers; was deemed a legitimate target and also destroyed.

The Consortium Bullfrog then proceeded to the allied base and saw that it was being harassed by 3 fighters. The enemy ships were engaged with one being shot down, and the other two retreating from the combat area.

Once the immediate area was secure, the Bullfrog returned to the crater and spotted a landed enemy fighter. This fighter barely escaped a missile attack and proceeded to run, with the Consortium Vessel giving chase.

After being pursued in a large circle, it is suspected the enemy fighter ran out of power and crashed. A Consortium Marine force was deployed to secure the wreckage. Shortly after; the 3rd fighter returned and did a strafing run on the Bullfrog. Damage was taken but the bullfrog remained operational and was able to win the engagement.

After determining the area was now secure; and warning our ally that his base is now compromised, the Bullfrog returned to space to rendezvous with the Gertronic Core for repair and resupply.

GRT Waylays a Radar Ping

I went to investigate a Scanned high mass bogey. It looks like perhaps a raid was going on already. When i approached there was no response to my hail, and then they target rushed me. I attacked, but when I came into the field of fire of both the base and the bogey, I had to retreat for