Atmo Ambush

KNC Fighters investigate an earth based ping, only to realize too late that they’ve walked into a trap. The pilots were murdered and what was left of their ships was sold for scrap. Civilian refugees on the Gertronic Core will be pleased to receive these resources. They don’t need to know how it was acquired.

Rogue Stars Bounty Hunters

Rouge Stars Bounty Hunters, what can I do for you today?”

“Yes the is Gertronic Exile light Frigate ‘Scythe One’, I am parked here at Star City and there is a ship just outside the shield waiting for me to leave”

“Thanks for the tip Scythe one. The owners of Star City have an active bounty on any and all ships that prey on their commercial traffic, We will dispatch someone immediately.”

“Great! I sure am glad I called Rouge Stars Bounty Hunters!”

* This message brought to you by Rouge Stars Bounty Hunters inc.

* * Rouge Stars Bounty Hunters are fully licensed and insured as required by The Expanse Bounty Hunting Act.

* * * Rouge Stars Bounty Hunters inc are not responsible for any collateral damage or death that may result from their activities.