Experimental Stargates Coming Soon

Soon there will be SwitchMe plugin testing running in production (of course).
This means you will potentially be able to move in between two server instances, with your grids.
We ran tests last year and worked with the development team, and I feel confident it’s time to give it another try.
I want to bring back Dark world, with maybe 1-2 other mods. It will be a great place to hide, but it will be a much smaller map, however.

PURGE Week and WIPE Schedule

Starting soon, we will be moving to a two month Whiteout Inter-Phasic Event (or WIPE). This is because recent discoveries in space-time physics magneto-hydro harmonics has extended the time we can stay safe from this dangerous source of space radiation. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this event, all grids are destroyed and everyone starts fresh, in a new universe that is much like our old one.

Not everyone is happy about the WIPE, and the UN has decreed there should be a Periodic Urgent Removal of Gratuitous Engineering (or PURGE). During this time the inter-planetary collision avoidance scanners will overheat causing rapid scans. This will begin a week-long decent into chaos as vendettas are fulfilled. At the end of the of the week, the scanners will finally melt down, and scan every grid for a single day. This is followed by a complete WIPE.

Talk to your local UN or MCR admin if you have more questions.

Check our new Events tab to find out when these events start, as well as many other admin-sponsored events (TBD).