Nothing Survives the WIPE

Nothing Survives the WIPE

WIPE: Acronym
Whiteout Interphasic Periodic Event

Every so often, a natural occurrence happens in this region of space when the concentration of space-time anomalies reaches a certain saturation point. These anomalies cause wild fluctuations on things meant to be constant. (The speed of light, most noticeably.) This effect causes time itself to slow to one half or less of its normal pace. When it occurs, engineers are required to board special pods with limited equipment; the only vessels capable of surviving a WIPE event, in order to survive.

No normal vessel has ever survived a WIPE; until now.

“Check it again”

“I’ve verified twice sir, it’s definitely a large ship

How is this possible? No ship this big has ever survive a WIPE'”

It would appear Captain, that this one can. Scans confirm this ship survived the WIPE event. Identity records confirm it is owned by an engineer with an identification tag cwtheking. The ship is armed, recommend immediate retreat.’

‘Leave the area, Full speed ahead; Get me a secure channel to the Gertronic Council, Inform them of our findings and ask further instructions’

‘Bullfrog 1, this is Infantry56 of the Gertronic Council; That ship represents a clear threat to the balance of power here in the Expanse. If this technology is allowed to survive, it could be used on next WIPE to dominate the expanse before any other engineers have a chance. you are hereby ordered to circle back and destroy that vessel, and any other assets in the area.

Understood infantry. We will do our duty; Helmsman – turn us around, all hands to battle stations!

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