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Joint strike on GRT Battlegroup

MTK, BAX, and BOI planned a joint strike on a GRT Battlegroup that was reportedly flaunting their strength and terrorizing the Expanse server, provoking fights and daring anyone to attack them.

Statement from Gertronic Council Member Gertron:

The Socialist wing of the Gertronic Consortium was performing legitimate military exercises when they were savagely attacked by a force of superior numbers. Despite fighting bravely, they were unable to overcome the numbers disadvantage and were forced to retreat.

Don’t fall for propaganda from MTK and their band of thugs! They are the ones who terrorize, murder and destroy engineers here in the Expanse. If they are allowed to continue unopposed – no one is safe.

The Consortium has awarded Captain Mexinugget a medal of bravery for managing to escape with his ship still intact. A memorial service will be held for those who were not so fortunate.

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