Consortium Captain’s Log – Final Entry

Consortium Captain’s Log – Final Entry

Consortium Captains Log
Stardate: ???

There I was, hurtling at maximum speed in the crippled mothership towards the surface of earth. All the escape pods had successfully jumped away before crossing into the gravity well and I was the only person left on the ship. I used the last of the available auxiliary power to steer the ship away from populated areas.

Once my impact zone was confirmed there was nothing more to do but watch the altimeter count down and wait for the end.
It had stopped at 2500.

At first I was sure my ships failing systems were responsible and this was simply a glitch, but a quick glance out the window confirmed that I had indeed stopped. How was this possible? I had instantly gone from 100 m/s to 0 m/s; I should be a stain on the deck plating.

There was a bright flash, and an entity appeared in front of me on the bridge.

‘Hello Gertron, my name is Garret; I’m a member of a race of caretakers tasked with ensuring the stability of our host dimensions.

This dimension CWX-01, was being run by another caretaker; You may know him as MIKE. Unfortunately, MIKE is no longer able perform his duties and as a result this entire dimension is in a state of collapse. Once this process reaches a certain point we are unable to stop or reverse it, this dimension will cease to exist shortly.

To preserve some of what was here, I am authorized to offer safe passage to my host dimension, which is known as The Expanse’

What about my crew and their escape pods?’ I inquired.

‘Due to the collapse, the radius of the universe in this dimension is now less than 1000km, your escape pods all jumped further than that into the void. I’m sorry, but you are the only member of The Consortium I was able to find.’

‘And if I refuse to go with you?’

‘Then I will leave, you will resume your descent and your story ends here. Please decide quickly I have a few more people to visit before this place goes for good.’

Given my limited options, I accepted his offer. ‘Great, please take my hand and hold on tight’ The instant I grabbed his hand, we ‘phased out’ (for lack of a better term) and my ship fell away from us, I watched it crash and settle in its final resting place.

Next thing I know the entity is gone and I’m sitting in a drop-pod parachuting down to earth. Everything here looks the same but it’s different.

With nothing else to do, I start to gather resources and start build an base. Using that base, I build a ship. Using the ship, I explore the planet, looking to make contact with other Engineers.

I hope they’re friendly!

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