Expanse – Experimental SE Server

Can’t see asteroids? Hop out of your pilot seat!
Grids may get damaged or deleted, staff is not responsible! DONT ASK!
All PvP is allowed. We do not reimburse anything. DONT ASK!
No hateful speech, be polite in discussions and PvP.
Rotors, wheels, and pistons not supported, use at own risk!
No jetpack Block Throwing, No Rotorguns, no KLANG drives!
No Exceeding per-player block limits on a single grid.
No SafeZones. No extreme lagging OF ANY KIND.
Map Size is 7,000 kilometers. Grids outside may disappear!
Type !rules or !discord any time for more info.
Type !grids list or !fixship to find or fix your grids.


Use the Info screen to rename your grids!
Grids on with warnings on Shift-F1 menu will be deleted!
Grids that exceed the per-player block limit (ex: >15 drills on a miner) will be deleted!
If you do not log on for SEVEN DAYS, your grids are removed!
Any grids not renamed or unpowered are deleted.
Extremely large grids will be GPS broadcasted for PVP, no exceptions.
Pistons and projectors get deleted, are for temporary use only.