We seek to be a true survival server. All play styles are welcome here & you are allowed to be as friendly or as hostile as you see fit. Play accordingly!

The rules and limits in-place are in there to try and ensure a stable game with minimal interference from staff.

I Lost my ships, can some admin help me?
Typing !grids in chat will auto add GPS points for and grids that you have majority ownership of.

How Often does this Server Wipe or Reset?
A Server wipe occurs when the sim speed becomes consistently too low to be considered playable. This is due to a buildup of ‘Zombie Physics’ which causes the baseline of what the server needs to calculate each tick to go up until it reaches a point where the sim speed is low even with <10 players online. Notice will be given in most cases but not all.

What are these ‘Long Range Scanners’
This is our ‘limiting’ feature for large grids which take up server resources. Rather than restricting PCU, we have opted to use a plugin that will scan the Expanse every 10 minutes. If your grid total (includes connected grids via connectors or landing gear) exceeds 10k PCU, you will have a target put on you for everyone in the server to see. This target does not track you, so an effective defense is to move away from the GPS point. This dramatically increases your risk should you choose to build large ships or bases.

My ship is acting funny and seems glitched.
Aim at your ship and type !fixship in chat, You will be prompted to do it again to confirm. If you are majority owner the ship will copy and paste, which fixes most issues.

What does ‘no jetpack block throwing’ mean?
Jetpack block throwing is defined as placing blocks while using your jetpack with the intent of having said blocks ram ships and cause damage. Kintetic weapons such as torpedo frigates and bombers; where the payloads are manufactured by welders and launched/dropped are permitted.

Help! I got kicked from my faction and GPS points were wiped.
There is a bug that can occur if you are in a faction, but don’t have your OWN spawn point (med bay or survival kit). There are modest restrictions on the total number of these blocks.

Where are all the Pirates and Drones?
AI pirates and drones are disabled on this server under the theory that they was causing issues with some performance plugins we use. We hope to re-activate this in the future but are doubtful we we will be able to.

My Oxygen / Hydrogen Tanks, Gravity Generators, H2O Generators keep getting turned off, what’s happening?
There is a script that turns all of these off just before each restart. Set up a button panel to quickly turn them back on.

My Projector got deleted WTF
Projector blocks are deleted just before each restart, you’ll need to re-build them if you want to continue welding a projection. Use Scaffolding to prevent a premature detachment.

My Cryo Pod / Bed got deleted WTF
These are banned blocks on the server. Store your gear so you don’t lose it before logging off.

My Piston got deleted WTF
Due to how easy it is for one player to lag the entire server while using these blocks, these restrictions are in place because we don’t want to monitor or micromanage our players.

What do you mean by rovers are not supported?
There was an issue on a previous save that required us to delete all unnamed grids (mostly wheels). We can’t guarantee this won’t be needed again. Worst case scenario is you may log in one day to find your wheels got jacked. The vehicle itself should be untouched. We have also seen rovers fall through the planet; If this happens it will be deleted, so you may as well delete it yourself.

Something happened and my ship got blown up, it totally wasn’t my fault. Can admins reimburse me?
We do not reimburse anything. If you ask the answer will be no and we might make fun of you for asking.

How can I keep my spawn pod?
If you are a new player it is recommended that you just grind it and build your own base.
Be sure you have enough components BEFORE you grind the survival kit or battery. If you are strapped for time and a restart is approaching, sitting in the seat will buy you a free restart, but is not permanent. it will get deleted on the next restart.
If you are an advanced player, using a merge block and connecting to a static grid will enable you to keep your spawn pod permanently.

Are there any bannable offenses?
We don’t like to ban anyone here and pride ourselves on not doing it. But just like everything in life, there are exceptions.
Hate Speech is not allowed here and will get you banned.
Abusing exploits will also get you banned. We don’t publicly list what is an exploit and what isn’t because we don’t like to bring attention to them.
If it feels like an exploit, it probably is DON’T DO IT.

What are the block limits?
remote control 1
solar panel 24
small reactor 24
large reactor 6
hydro engien 6
wind turbine 24
medical room 2
parachute 18
ore detector 6
antenna 6
beacon 6
laser antenna 2
refinery 2
assembler 2
projector 1
survival kit 4
basic assembler 2
small cargo 18
medium cargo 18
large cargo 18
interior turret 15
gatlingturret 15
missile turret 15
gatling gun 15
rocket launcher 15
small rocket launcher reloadable 15
warhead 10
welder 15
grinder 15
drill 15
decoy 18
camera 6
sound block 1
sensor 1
timer 1
lcd panel 6
corner lcd 6
landing gear 24
piston 1
merge block 2
rotor 1
advanced rotor 1
air vent 6
oxygen gen 18
oxygen tank 12
hydro tank 12
oxygen farm 6
grav gen 12
sphere grav gen 12
artificial mass 24
space ball 6
jump drive 12
corner light 18
reflector light 18
interior light 18
projector 1 (temporary use only)
piston 1 (temporary use only)
cryo bay 0 (banned)
bed 0 (banned)
safe zone 0 (banned)